Some of my incredible and inspiring clients who have worked hard to achieve their goals, just like you can too.

Well what can I say about this incredible strong lady. I met Jo at a gym in work around 4 years ago, I had only just started my journey into exercise. I was extremely scared of the gym, machines, not knowing what to do. I was very aware that I was extremely obese and not the normal for the gym. Jo took time to understand my background, what my concerns were. We then worked together to work on a plan, dancing was clearly not for me, but I love weights. As the months went on we tried new things, my confidence also grew. I now love exercise in particular weights, spin and boxing. Without Jo I would not be were I am, thank you so much Jo. Anyone reading this, believe in yourself, trust Jo, have baths and drink lots of water.

—  Sarah S




Starting weight: 29.5 stone

Weight now: 11.5 stone

18 stone weight loss!

Yes you read that right!!! Sarah is without a doubt the most dedicated person i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. When we first met Sarah weighed 29.5stone and through nothing but hard work and perseverance she managed to lose 18stone.

She had a goal she wanted to reach and made sure to not let anything get in her way of reaching this. I'm honoured to have been there for her journey and have been inspired ever since.




Beautiful Mumma of 3 Louise! These pictures were taken 9 years and 2 babies apart. Louise wanted to work towards getting back to her pre baby body... and i think that not only does she look incredible but she has the glow and strength of an incredible and strong mum inside and out.

We made sure that the workouts created for her could be done at home to fit around her busy lifestyle



2 weeks diet & training:

Weight: -2kg

Waist: -1.5in

Hips: -1in


Beautiful Kim wanted to slim down her waist and hips ready for the important job of bridesmaid. We only had 2 weeks but by following a macro counted diet and working out hard in the gym she was able to reach her target.

This girl is beautiful inside and out, and I'm so proud of her for reaching her goal in such a short amount of time. Hard work and determination, what an inspiration she is.