Pick And Mix... But With Gains!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Cheat clean.... (or not if your feeling naughty!)

Any sort of dieting can be hard, fitness is a huge commitment and lifestyle change for some. So to  make it easier there is a whole world of 'clean' snacks out there to help keep those cravings at bay, or just to make things more interesting.

...At the same time there is also some incredible naughty treats for when you've been working that extra bit hard!

Protein Pick & Mix is a treasure chest of wonders, that even the Little Mermaid would be impressed with!... from birthday cake flavour nut butters, Quest Bars, right through to Oreos and Reese's chocolate peanut cereal!

Their site has an easy to navigate 'Quick Start' section, where you can see everything put into categories:

Pre- Comp

Post Comp

Gluten Free



Protein Powders....

Me and my brother were lucky enough to be near their Tunbridge Wells store the other weekend, so nipped in for a mini haul.. heres what i got (ok so we went in, got down the road... then went back and bought more!!)

Protein Pick and Mix- Cookie cake peanut butter...

This stuff is awesome. I'm prepping for a comp at the moment so can't have any of these bits till after, but have tried them all before. If you are a peanut butter fan you will love this, great on toast, on top of your proats (protein oats) or even from the tub! A great alternative to normal peanut butter.

Lenny & Larry cookies...

These are to die for! If its possible to be in love with a cookie, then i am! These are brilliant as they taste amazing and are really soft and squishy but also: Vegan High Protein No Dairy No Eggs Non-GMO No Cholesterol or Trans Fat Quest Bar -Chocolate Brownie...

If you know Quest, then you know! Quest bars are a protein bar /  snack that come in a whole range of different flavours. I'm a huge chocolate fan so i always go for this one or cookies and cream. The best bit is they have chunks of chocolate in them ...Mmmmmmm....!!!

MAN Nutrition funnel...

Ok so this has been a life saver. I use My Protein BCAA powder and end up throwing this everywhere, everyday! Because after a while, like protein powder, BCAA powder can make your drinks bottle a bit smelly. So i always use an empty water bottle. But trying to get the powder into that tiny bottle neck is a nightmare. With this funnel it has a sealable lid on the top and bottom, so not only can you use it... well like a funnel. But you an also store your powder in it and carry it around with you... saves needing to take the whole bag with you. Winner!!!

The Protein Pick & Mix staff are brilliant, friendly and helpful and can all give experienced advice on their products... i highly recommend checking them out.

You can also catch them at BodyPower Fitness Expo, NEC Birmingham, 13th - 15th May 2016.

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